Whatever, wherever out of snow

Frozen Innovations

We brainstorm, design and build innovations out of snow and ice.


Our development is continous to enhange our production. Currently our focus is on indoor snow structure production system development which consist of developing snow blowing and light mold system. Project is partly funded by EU.

Winter as a source of innovation

In Lapland, Finland the arctic winter is a season of the year. We have the privilege of enjoying
winter activities and experiencing them in our ever day life.

We have made the winter into a successful business for our customers. Now we provide the winter business to the whole world by building cold climates.

Our customers have succeeded in the tourism industry with products such as snow castles, snow hotels, ice restaurants, snow and ice sculpture events, as well as continuous product development.

Snow and Ice Construction

Frozen Innovations is an experienced professional in snow and ice construction. We have been in the business for 15 years, building snow and ice constructions for the needs of our customers.

Our expertise covers all steps of snow and ice construction process; conceptualization, design, building, management, maintenance, monitoring and further development.

Various structures can be made out of snow and ice, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, chapels, arts and exhibition rooms, themed activities etc.

Frozen Specialist

We know how snow and ice can be utilized in places they do not normally exist. We own the winter.

We develop and improve the methodologies behind snow and ice building in order to improve the energy efficiency, safety and environmental friendliness of the constructions and other cold spaces.

We develop our expertise by researching and testing, and we work in cooperation with leading polytechs and universities of the industry.

“Have you ever made a million out of snow?”

Snow Castle

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