Enhance your winter experience. 

Our specialty is to plan, design and execute world’s biggest snow and ice attractions, such as ice hotels, ice restaurants, themed snow castles and whatever you can imagine.

We offer turn-key solutions and winter business ideas for our clients.

Arctic attractions are a perfect way to enhance your clients’ experience. Snow and ice can be formed into any kinds of attractions such as restaurants, bars, hotels, chapels, art and exhibition galleries, winter activity areas or arctic wonderlands. Read more about seasonal attractions and pop-ups.

When you offer something totally unique out of snow and ice, it will definitely make them to want stay a little longer and come back. So if you want something special for an important event, season or all around year – with us, you are able to offer memories which last.



With our latest and patented technology, we can create perfect environment for the snow and ice attractions in warm areas as well.  

Here in Finland, we have the privilege of enjoying winter activities. At the same time, we’re fully aware that for many that would be a dream coming true to experience snowy wonderland. Would you like to be the one who gives people the possibility to experience real magic out of snow and ice? We are here to make your vision come true!


Spark of winter in the middle of heat is easy to create even outside with our Frozen Pop-Up. Whether you are planning a special event, product launch, or a fair stand, we are eager to make your vision come true.


If you want to offer longer lasting seasonal winter experience, we have the technology to create optimal cold environment inside tent.


Maybe you have imagined all-year winter experience in warm area. That is absolutely possible, when we create optimal environment inside of  a “freezer”, where the attraction is located.