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Taavi Heikkilä

CEO, Head of Design, Co-owner




“Taavi is a leader with a vision. And every day he successfully applies that vision into reality.

Taavi never compromises on the final result of our innovations. Every single detail has a finished touch, and you can see that there is nothing that has not been thought through.”

Riku Anttonen

Head of Production, Co-owner




Riku is the kind of leader who brings opportunities out of difficulties.

Empathetic, balanced and good-hearted – Riku is a genuinely inspiring and motivating force in the Frozen Warrior team.

Someone who is constantly making others feel, and work, better.

Ari Karjalainen

Head of Technology, Co-owner




Ari – a relentlessness innovator and problem solver from Lapland, who brings new perspectives to develop our technology. Everything always works out for Ari, because he knows how to make new ideas work in a real life, which makes all the difference. 

If Ari faces a problem the solution is simple: Ready, Aim, Fire! He gets things done, no matter the circumstances. In our opinion, that is called some true #frozenwarriors -spirit.”



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