Professional design using 100% environmentally sustainable material with our patented technology.

Almost everyday someone asks us how it is possible to create magical attractions out of snow and ice? There are no shortcuts, and the answer is next level technology combined with special knowledge and powerful vision. 

All the high-technology we use is perfectly customized for the snow and ice construction purposes during past decades.

Step-by-step process:


We make snow and cold conditions with the help of our technology. Patented Snow Construction Machine is our secret weapon, which makes it possible to create winter in the warm conditions as well. Because power comes from electricity, it is possible to create snow for indoor conditions.


We build themed structures out of snow by using Molds. Our light Molds are planned to make our clients arctic vision true with a high quality.



We make ice with our technology or harvest it from natural water conditions.


We create themed structures of ice. Usually, we use world’s best ice sculpture professionals for decorations, sculptures and ice furniture.


We research and develop our technology with an endless eagerness!