Man power combined with warrior mindset, the power of technology and creativity.

-that’s what it takes to build magic.    

Unforgettable night shifts.

When the weather changes, you have to change the battle plan, too. And sometimes that means long hours for Frozen Warriors to get everything finished on time.

Keep going, warrior.

And be proud of every step you take. 

Building the very last wall of an installation is always the most rewarding part of the job. When that’s done, the feeling is just miraculousEuphoria mixed with relief and huge gratitude for the team. 

Seems first like a battle of two…

…but is actually pure teamwork.

The perfect final result requires brilliant co-operation. Everyone needs to know their role and be willing to put effort into every situation.

The backstage.

Stihl is our reliable partner when it comes to working in extreme conditions.

This year we’ve been working smarter, and more strategically, than ever.??

Before the season we once more visualized and evaluated all of our processes. By doing that we made sure that the whole Frozen Warriors team knows how to do their part to perfection.

Because we believe that’s the real path to success: you have to know, and focus on, what’s vital in every single moment.


Frozen Warriors’ secret weapon.

Swim in an almost frozen -0°C pool combined with sauna. After a day of working it’s not only extremely refreshing but also so good for your muscles. Positive shock for body and a habit that really keeps Frozen Warriors moving

Just another day at the office!

Snow, Battle Grounder and Frozen Warrior Spirit = The Power Combination! ?


Bring on the job!

Don’t know about you but we think that playful spirit combined with a spark of madness is the key to success.

Do you dare to join our team?

Want to work in tough, yet rewarding environment in snow– and icebuiliding? We are always looking for new, motivated warriors to join us! Contact us already today, if you dare to be a part of our innovative and hard-working team!