Frozen POP-UP is a temporary structure out of snow and ice for a special event that can last from just a moment to few weeks.


Grab attention!

 If you want to surprise your guests for one unforgettable moment, have an outstanding fair stand or maybe launch a product like never before, this one is for you. Let’s create an unforgettable experience for your guests with POP-UP out of snow and ice! It can be luxurious, uplifting, or mysterious – you choose and we make it happen!

With us, it is possible to create a Frozen Pop-Up in the middle of heat as well.  



Let’s bring your product or service alive with frozen decorations, magic out of snow and ice. Or maybe you’d love to have the structure of your product snow and ice? That’s absolutely possible with us!

Our mission is to make sure that your well-branded, Frozen Pop-Up is a totally unique experience for your clients. Innovative Frozen Pop-Up is a fantastic opportunity for showroom, corporate evening, product launch, premium event… you name it!




If you want to offer the most memorable VIP experience for your honoured guests, we have definitely the perfect partner for you. Exclusive ice bar, branded arctic wonderland, or something else? You choose and we make it happen! 

We are here to create an ambitious event or VIP section for your important guests, where you go above and beyond on all the expectations. Magic out of snow and ice works perfectly when it comes to creating an uplifting, tailor-made VIP experience, which shows attendees their specialty.

Whether your VIP experience is a part of a larger event, or own get-together, we make sure to keep privacy during planning and executing the event. It doesn’t matter what is the number of guests or location around globe, together we can create an amazing VIP experience.

Let’s do it!