All around the year winter attraction in any location or weather condition – how does it sound? 

With our latest and patented technology combined with over 20 years worth of experience we are qualified to make this kind of attractions possible!

Have you dreamed of being able to offer arctic experiences for your customers during every day of the year? We are able to create optimal environment inside of a “freezer” where the attraction is located. Then the indoor climate and the snow and ice structures are equipped with sophisticated instrumentation. They are under real time monitoring to guarantee optimal environment.

With us, you can offer for example all-year-round winter activity park, snowy christmas or arctic wonderland. Whatever the theme is, we are here to make sure that it meets all of the expectations and gives a real touch of winter spark.



Frozen Innovations – long term, reliable and experienced partner for the whole life cycle of your snow and ice attraction project.

Frozen Innovations is a team of magic makers. Our mission is to create thrill, luxury, breathtaking beauty, fun – or anything you want – for your customers to enjoy. Our secret is a creative mindset, thought-through processes, well-trained team, experienced leadership, patented technology, and 20 years of experience.